Gate Motors

About Gate Motors

A sliding or swing gate opener is designed to allow the opening & closing of your gate automatically with a single click. They can be programmed to stay open and only close when operated by a remote control or can be programmed to automatically close after a designated time. They are widely used amongst many commercial gates and residential gates. GGA uses well known and trusted Italian brands such as BFT and FAAC.

Unlike garage door openers which plug straight into wall power, sliding/swing gate openers normally require an electrical tradesman to wire up the powered area. GGA provide all trades relating to supply and fitting so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We provide top quality and best value openers for your gate.

Sliding Gate:
BFT Deimos BT A Opener
FAAC 740 Opener

Swing Gate:
BFT Swing Gate Openers

Why Contract Garage & Gates Australia?

  • Providing the complete solution. All materials, labor, equipment and services.
  • Fully insured and certified
  • Subcontracting with various trade and specialty contractors
  • Ensuring a safe and secure Doors and gates
  • GGA Professional installations backed by our Australian product guarantees
  • Fair prices - quality materials and installation

Backed by the SAFETY & QUALITY of our Australian brands!